Robert ADAMSON, James Craig ANNAN, H. Mark ANTHONY, Frederick Scott ARCHER, Francis BEDFORD, John BRETT, Julia Margaretz CAMERON, Lewis, Michael Bartram /(ed.)

The Pre-Raphaelite Camera. Aspects of Victorian Photography (New Ed.) - VINTAGE COPY WITH STORAGE TRACES!

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"Truth to nature, declared the Pre-Raphaelite painters, is the essence of art to render the 'distinct character' of every 'flower, rock and cloud'.
But by the 1850s a new medium - photography - was gaining ground and threatened, by its increasing ability to capture sharp detail, to outstrip the Pre-Rahaelites in their stated aim.
Fascinated by the parallel development of these rival arts Michael Bartram looks both at the use Pre-Raphaelites made of the camera and at the Pre-Raphaelite influence on photographers in their subject matter and approach. The splendid interweaving of photographs - many reproduced for the first time - and Pre-Raphaelite paintings is a visual delight." (publisher's note)