François / Francois HALARD, Dino SIMONETT (Book Design)

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"A fine selection of glamorous Polaroids from the last three decades." (publisher's note)

About the photographer, Francois HALARD:
"Between his Greenwich Village apartment and his XVIIIth century hotel particulier in the South of France, François HALARD circles the world to portray the houses, gardens and ateliers of singular personalities. From artists such as RAUSCHENBERG, Cy TWOMBLY, Louise BOURGEOIS and recently Luigi GHIRRI or John Richardson, to magical premises, like Casa Malaparte, Villa Noailles or La Maison de Verre, Halard captures places that inspire and mold him as an artist.

HALARD's strength also comes from the portraits he executes. From his masters, to the most influential individuals of the contemporary world. His style, both bohemian and regal, sets him, according to the international press, from AD to Appartamento, as one the most prominent decoration photographer in the world.
Looking through more than 20 years of editorial work , for the Condé Nast publications or the New York Times and exhibition catalogs for Actes Sud or the Fondation Lambert, François Halard delivers his photographic understanding of spaces that discloses his unique sensibility and personal history.

The history of a building, a tiny detail on furniture or an art piece, shadows playing with light setting an atmosphere, the blunt glance of an artist he’s been portraying, François Halard has been showcasing his work through prestigious publications : Visite Privée (Actes Sud), Francois Halard (Rizzoli), Casa Ghirri (Kehrer) and through exhibitions in galleries and museums around the globe." (text: Francois HALARD, source:

Polaroids besitzen eine besondere Anziehungskraft und auch wenn die Modefotografie nicht jedermanns Sache ist, so sind die Polaroidfotos bekannter Modefotografen wie Helmut NEWTON, Sibylle BERGEMANN (um nur zwei zu nennen, die Reihe ließe sich beinahe unendlich fortführen) und eben auch die im Buch 'Polaroids' zu findenden Aufnahmen des französischen Mode- Interieur- und Architekturfotografen Francois HALARD.

Gestaltet wurde das Buch von Dino SIMONETT, das spricht für zusätzliche Qualität. Ad hoc fallen mir zwei Doppelseiten ein, die einfach großartig sind!