Kristoffer ALBRECHT, Vastaava Toimittaja

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"A photograph is not a memory. It preserves an external resemblance to that which was, but it is not a memory. Neither is a photograph a story. The thread of memory can pass through a photograph. Nothing else.
The photographs in this book are associated with private reminiscences, memorabile from a long period of time. The images connect with experiences that I have had, they bring back events and sensory impressions. They recall the smell of seaweed on a shore, of railway sleepers and of newly washed rugs. I can taste sour apples, freshly fallen snow and water containing iron, or hear the sound of familiar voices, of barking dogs and of motorboats. I can feel the coolness after a late night swim, or the raw dampness of a November day on the shores of Helsinki." (text: Kristoffer ALBRECHT)

About the photographer (*1961 in Helsinki):
Kristoffer Albrecht lives in Ingå, Finland
1987: Master of Arts, University of Art and Design (Helsinki)
2001:, Doctor of Arts, University of Art and Design (Helsinki) - with the thesis: 'Creative Reproduction. A Practical Study on Ink-printed Photographs, Their History of Production and Aesthetic Identity')

Since 1986 he has been teaching photography and printing
Exhibitions both at home and abroad since 1983.
Represented in art museums and other public collections in Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, USA

Has published some 30 books, among them:
'Metropol '(1998),
'Memorabilia' (2004),
'ZigZag in Europe' (2009)