Lothar BAUMGARTEN, Walter NIKKELS (Book Design)

Senores Naturales. Amazonas Tapajos Xingu Purus Orinoco Vaupes Tocantins(La Biennale di Venezia 84) - SIGNED COPY, VINTAGE - WITH STORAGE TRACES

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"These pictures were taken during my stay with the Yanõmami Indians in the Upper Orinoco Region, Territorio Federal Amazonas, Venezuela." (Lothar BAUMGARTEN)

'Senores Naturales-Catalogue has accompagned the exhibition of the work of Lothar BAUMGARTEN in the pavilion of the Federal Republic of German at the Venice Biennale of 1984.
In 1978/79 BAUMGARTEN stayed with the Yanomami Indians in the Upper Orinoco region, sharing everything with them and here he explains how the experience influenced his installation.

Dieses Buch erschien 1984 anlässlich der Biennale in Venedig.
Im Vorsatz datiert (1984) und SIGNIERT von Lothar Baumgarten!