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"Saint Petersburg, the former imperial capital, is recovering its old splendor following years of governmental neglect, thanks to the support of Vladimir Putin. Peter explores the city's social fabric, as seen from photographs shot inside the homes of its residents. (...)
'Peter' is an approach to Russia, a nation at once so old and so young, established as it now exists only twenty-five years ago, in 1991, out of the dismembered Soviet Union, the great USSR.
Peter, or Piter, as the city’s residents familiarly call Saint Petersburg, Petrograd, or Leningrad - its changing names - has always been and remains an important city in the development of political and intellectual events in Russia.
The former imperial capital, born out of a hatred for Moscow, and now enjoying the support of Vladimir Putin, who was born there, has become a hinge between Russia and Europe.
Photographer Carma Casulá explores both the monumental central district, with its Old World air, and the austere Soviet peripheries, prey to voracious real estate speculation, examining the city’s social fabric and charting a different kind of 'map' through the inhabitants and their homes." (publisher's note, © RM, 2016)

About the photographer, Carma CASÚLA (b. 1966 in Barcelona):
Carma Casúla is Visual Artist and Photographer free-lance, PhD in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, specialized in Photography in the Istituto Europeo di Design IED of Milano. There extends his knowledge in the International Center of Photography ICP of New York.
Usually focus her artistic projects on the anthropization of the Territory, the Landscape, and the memory of this one in the individual, and combines with their photodocumentalism projects. She takes part in diverse cultural projects and exhibitions with works of photographic language and installation since 1993. Her projects have been an object of scholarships and prizes and his work he is in diverse public and private collections. She has been included in the recent The A-Z of Spanish Photographers, the Dictionary of Spanish Photographers.19th century to the 21st, edited by La Fabrica and AC/E Spanish Cultural Action 2014.

As free-lance photographer she has professional intersections with author's work for companies, institutions and medias. She reconciles his artistic and professional activity with teaching university on Photography since 2007.
She has been part of a project of investigation research and development R&D on Environmental Humanities. Strategies for ecological empathy and the transition to more sustainable societies SP (2016-2018), and before Art and Ecology. Protection Strategies of the Natural Environment and Recovery of Degraded Territories SP (2012-2015),under the that Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation that allied an interdisciplinary team that unites artists, architects, landscape architects, philosophers and men of letters of several Spanish universities. She collaborates with architects and town planners in the reading and treatment of the territory.

Spanish description:
"Peter o Piter, como llaman familiarmente sus ciudadanos a San Petersburgo, ha sido y es una ciudad importante en el desarrollo de los acontecimientos políticos e intelectuales de Rusia. San Petersburgo está recuperando su viejo esplendor tras años de abandono gubernamental. La ciudad desborda belleza y riqueza; sin embargo, los jóvenes parecen hoy sumidos en el escepticismo más profundo, mientras en sus austeras periferias se entremezclan los nuevos bloques habitacionales con la voraz especulación urbanística. La carencia de casas, el bajo poder adquisitivo y un fuerte renacer del fervor religioso marcan la vida de sus gentes." (publisher's note)

"'Peter' ist ein Buch über St. Petersburg, das zwar sehr konventionell publiziert worden ist - Hardcover, glänzendes Papier - aber durch den Titel (Kosename der Bürger Petersburgs) und die erläuternden Texte zu den fotografierten Menschen eine sehr persönliche Note erhält.

Es ist eine Art 'Map' für St. Petersburg, der neben Moskau wichtigsten Stadt Russlands und Geburtsstadt Vladimir Putins." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER, 2016)