Robert FRANK

Hold Still - Keep Going

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"'HOLD STILL―keep going' is the long-awaited reprint of the catalogue to Robert FRANK’s 2001 exhibition of the same name at the Museum Folkwang, in Essen.

The book explores the influence of film on FRANK’s work, and the interaction between the still and moving image that has engaged him since the late 1950s. 'HOLD STILL―keep going' adopts a non-chronological approach, including photographs, film-stills, 35mm filmstrips, as well as photo-montages that present his most famous series alongside less known work.
Text, from hand-written phrases on photographs (of which 'HOLD STILL - keep going' is but one example) to the dialogues in his films, emerges as a crucial tool, one also central to FRANK’s photo-diaries which comprise his most recent experiments in bookmaking." (publisher's note)

About the photographer, Robert FRANK (*1924 in Zurich, Switzerland):
Robert FRANK immigrated to the United States in 1947. He is best known for his seminal book 'The Americans', first published in 1958, which gave rise to a distinctly new form of the photobook, and his experimental film 'Pull My Daisy' (1959).
FRANK’s other important projects include the books 'Black White and Things' (1952) and 'The Lines of My Hand' (1972), as well as the film 'Cocksucker Blues' for the Rolling Stones (1972).

He divides his time between New York City and Nova Scotia, Canada.