Christer Strömholm

Poste Restante - Re-edit 2016 - MY LAST COPY! -- also AVAILABLE & IN STOCK: SPECIAL ED. WITH PRINT!

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"This is the first English edition of ‘Poste Restante’, a book originally published in Swedish. It comprises the original photographs, layout, and texts, including the unrevised introduction from 1967, a text based on a taped interview with Strömholm conducted over five days at a hotel in Paris.
Titled “Before the Photographs”, in it he recounts childhood memories and various of his experiences during World War II." (publisher's note)

About the photographer (*1918 in Sweden):
Christer Strömholm began is photographic career in earnest in1958, traveling to places like Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Calcutta, and Nairobi. He is most known for his intimate black-and-white street photography portrait series.

Die lange erwartete Wiederveröffentlichung eines schwedischen Klassikers! Christer Strömholm hat gleich mehrere Fotografen aus dem Norden beeinflusst, darunter auch Anders PETERSEN, JH ENGSTRÖM, u.a.