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Crossing Europe. As far as the eye can see

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'Crossing Europe' is a project is about Europe.
I travelled to 42 capital cities of Europe taking pictures of people crossing busy intersections. The photos give a glimpse of each city’s atmosphere and capture the general vibe of European life.
Besides giving a taste of Europe, I hope that the project “makes you more aware how great, big, strange and special we are despite all the easy judgements we’ve developed.” After all, the simple scene of pedestrians crossing a street is familiar around the world, revealing our similarities while also highlighting our individual peculiarities.
I made the series because I was curious about who we Europeans are and I did want to see it with my own eyes, not disturbed by opinions easily adapted from press and other ones experiences.
Europe is on the move, everyday it is more uncertain where we go as continent with shifting borders and problems. What I did was meeting people, and in it hides the answer, look with an open view, and show effort meeting each other.
The goal is to show the series international since it is full of messages to not only Europeans around the world.

The Book 'Crossing Europe' has just been self-published on January 29 2016 after a first Issue was declined when printing and binding problems where discovered. The total edition is reprinted.

The series have been awarded as a Finalist of the Lens Culture Street Photography Awards 2015. It's selected within the top 25.
https://www.lensculture.com/articles/poike-stomps-crossing-europe &
The first book was published in November 2015 in Paris (12 till 15 November at Paris Photo Fair)
The books have been reprinted after some minor errors and the reprint is out since January 22, 2016

Eine Reise durch 42 Länder Europas. Der niederländische Fotograf Polke hat in verschiedenen Metropolen Strassen-Übergänge aufgesucht und die Geschäftigkeit dokumentiert. Sein selbst veröffentlichter Band 'Crossing Europe' ist vielleicht deswegen besonders nahe an unserem Bild von Europa, dessen Union vielmehr als wirtschaftliches Zweckbündnis denn als Herzensangelegenheit oder Kulturraum verstanden wird.
Stomps' Bilder transportieren dies ebenso wie die schlichte Gestaltung des Bandes, den der Fotograf bereits selbst an viele Europäische Institutionen verkauft hat.