Juanan REQUENA, UNDERBAU (Book Design)

Al borde de todo mapa

Slipcased double pb., 13 x 18 x 1,5 cm.,
80 pp., b/w ills., numbered copies, Spanish.
Ediciones Anomalas A 2016.
ISBN 9788460897101

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"Juanan REQUENA is an alchemist, a lover of light and of words but also of stones, wood, ropes and paper. He is drawn to ripping and pasting, building and renewing, doing and undoing, weaving paths without end in an eternal quest for the poetry of the commonplace. After producing numerous diaries and countless sketches, thousands of combinations of words and images, he now presents his first book entitled On the Edge of All Maps.

Juanan REQUENA was born in an arid village in La Mancha, where he was captivated by the horizons as he built huts among the maize fields. Following beautiful failures and continuous drifts, he moved to the South Sea, where he learnt hendecasyllables and quejíos selling books and serving coffees. He became a traveller while wiring the tours of rock ‘n’ roll bands and filling up endless diaries.
In this way, he roamed nomadically, covered in salt residue and shrouded in doubts, until he persuaded himself that poetry and the gaze could converge in the same incandescence. Today, he still strives incessantly to reflect this struggle." (publisher's note, © Ediciones Anomalas, 2016))