Stephen GILL

Archaeology in Reverse

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"Stephen Gill has learnt this: to haunt the places that haunt him. His photo-accumulations demonstrate a tender vision factored out of experience; alert, watchful, not overeager, wary of that mendacious conceit, "closure." There is always flow, momentum, the sense of a man passing through a place that delights him. A sense of stepping down, immediate engagement, politic exchange. Then he remounts the bicycle and away. Loving retrievals, like a letter to a friend, never possession... What I like about Stephen Gill is that he has learnt to give us only as much as we need, the bones of the bones of the bones..." (Iain Sinclair)

"Continuing to photograph where his award-winning book 'Hackney Wick' left off, Gill also made 'Archaeology in Reverse' in this personally cherished area of East London. Still making pictures with the camera he bought at Hackney Wick market for 50 pence, for this volume Gill focuses on things that do not yet exist.
This magnificently produced book features traces and clues of things to come in a poetic, sometimes eerie and quiet photographic study of a place in a state of limbo prior to the rapid transformation that the area faces during the build-up to the Olympics in 2012." (publisher's note)

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"Mit 'Archaeology in Reverse' liefert der britische Fotograf und Künstler Stephen GILL hier - als Nachfolger seines erfolgreichen Titels 'Hackney Wick' - eine dokumentarische Bestandsaufnahme des Viertels 'Hackney' das seit 2007 stetig zerstört wurde bis zum kompletten Aus den Olympischen Spielen 2012.

Er durchstreift 'sein Gebiet' mit einer billig auf dem Flohmarkt erworbenen Kamera; nicht die Qualität der Fotografien ist entscheidend, sondern die Idee und der Umgang mit den Objekten. Das Buch ist extrem gut produziert, dennoch stehen die einfachen Fotografien in keinem Missverhältnis dazu." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)