Miyako Ishiuchi

Frida by Ishiuchi (Frida Kahlo) - ENGLISH ED:!

HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 22 x 28 cm.,
114 pp., color ills., English.
RM 2014.
ISBN 9788415118695

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"'Frida by Ishiuchi' is the 1st ever photographic documentation of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's archive of dresses and personal belongings. Portrayed by Japanese artist Miyako Ishiuchi, the book gives an intimate view of Ishiuchi's very personal take on Kahlo's private universe.
Following her acclaimed series 'Mother’s' (2005) and 'Hiroshima' (2007), Frida Kahlo's archive presents once again the soft yet powerful style of Ishiuchi, transforming still, quotidian objects into rich evocations of memories and lives. As a female artist looking at the wardrobe of another female artist, Ishiuchi reveals an intuitive poetry of what it is to dress and how these items are worn. A very special and unique documentation of Kahlo’s archive is presented by Miyako Ishiuchi in this unforgettable book." (publisher's note)

Nach 'Mother' (2005) und 'Hiroshima' (2007) beschäftigit sich die japanische Fotografin in dieser ersten fotografischen Dokumentation über die mexikanische Künstlerin Frida Kahlo mit dem Archiv, insbesondere auch der Garderobe, von Kahlo. Auf diese weise kommt sie dem Wesen der Künstlerin erheblich näher. als es bisherigen Monografien gelungen ist.
Der Band - insbesondere die englische Edition - ist bereits seit längerer Zeit vergriffen.