Eugenia MAXIMOVA (photos, design), Christian Caujolle (text), Olena BULYGINA (Book Design)

Associated Nostalgia

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"When Bulgarian photographer Eugenia MAXIMOVA started working on the design for her self-published photobook 'Kitchen Stories from the Balkans', she began to think about how to include some of those incredible plastic tablecloth patterns so beloved in these latitudes.
She came the to garish tablecloths which have been manufactured in her hometown for many years - all the serendipity she needed to forge a new project, 'Associated Nostalgia'. From plastic cats to brightly patterned wallpaper, nothing is too brash or clashes too much to be included in her still lifes.

This monograph compiles the highly staged scenes of the kitsch so beloved in MAXIMOVA's pocket of Eastern Europe, creating both a splash of a photobook and an authentic glimpse into the Bulgarian home aesthetic.

"Featured image is reproduced from Associated Nostalgia, Bulgarian photographer Eugenia MAXIMOVA's delightful new photobook from La Fabrica. Gatefolds, a jacketed, raw stamped board cover and vivid floral endpapers based on the iconic plastic tablecloths of Maximova's Iron Curtain childhood are just a few of its charms. The photographs themselves present kitschy "vases and figurines in crystal or fretted glass and in colorful ceramic, plastic flowers and fruit, proud possessions of those who in times of deprivation projected onto these modest trinkets precisely laid out on a cloth or displayed in a cabinet, their dreams and desire for a little modest 'luxury.'" (© artbook)

About the photographer, Eugenia MAXIMOVA (b. 1979):

Other books by the photographer, Eugenia MAXIMOVA, are:
'Kitchen Stories from the Balkans' (2014)

"Nach ihrem selbst veröffentlichten Fotobuchtitel 'Kitchen Stories from the Balkans' ist der Fotoband 'Associated Nostalgia' quasi die Fortsetzung, geboren aus den im ersten Buch verwendeten Plastikdecken mit schier unglaublichen Designs.

Diese hat Eugenia MAXIMOVA wieder verwendet, um westliche Dekorationsstücke, die in Schränken und Vitrinen in Bulgarien einen besonderen Platz hatten in Szene zu setzen. Das Resultat sind bildlich schön austarierte Aufnahmen von Kitsch-Gegenständen, die sich teils leicht in die 70er verorten lassen und teils zeitlos sind." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER, 2016)

Weitere Bücher der Fotografin, Eugenia MAXIMOVA, sind:
'Kitchen Stories from the Balkans' (2014)