Takashi HOMMA, Francesco Zanot (ed.), Fabrizio RADAELLI (Book Design)

Widows / vedove - ONLY TWO COPIES LEFT!

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"The project is the result of the cooperation between Andrea BOTTO and Francesco ZANOT, respectively director and curator of the annual Rapallo Fotografia festival, who entrusted the Japanese photographer to work around the theme of memory and personal archives in Rapallo and in the Italian region of Liguria.
During his stay in the area, fascinated by the pictures stored in the archives of Genoa and Rapallo, HOMMA explored the need to preserve personal and intimate memories, especially after a loss.
 Thus he shot eleven portraits of widowed women – witnesses for their dead partners’ memories – and captured a glimpse of the places where the widows live. This work being the subject of the exhibition at Castello di Rapallo.
 He also re-photographed the snapshots of the widows’ family albums, exclusively published in the book which represents therefore an integral part of the project and the exhibition." (publisher's note)

"I've enjoyed HOMMA's books from outside Japan (his work in Poland, Denmark and Russia) for his sensitive response to light and architecture in often seemingly bland motives. The book "Widows" sprung from a commission of the Rapallo photofestival and is a small treasure and sight to behold: two soft cover books in a jacket, held together with an elastic band. The slightly more corpulent book presents the portraits of the eleven widows, street-scenes from Genoa and Rapallo and rephotographed images from family albums, shuffled by Homma to create a mix (somewhat comparably to Tacita DEAN's book 'Floh').

The second volume has a page-to-page description of the first by curator Francesco ZANOT, a deadpan description of the page composition and content of the images, which manages to bring out the best in the pictures and serves as a dry counterpart to those personal, subjective and private images. I just love the way these two volumes work with one another. To be sure, a lot of publications on private or vernacular photography have been on the market for nearly ten years now (and I'm not close to having seen enough). HOMMA convinces me with his clear and elegant style and visual and visceral curiosity, which this beautiful publication knowingly enhances.(Sebastian HAU for photoeye)

About the photographer, Takashi HOMMA (*1962, Tokyo):
Takashi HOMMA studied photography at Nihon University College of Art. In 1984 he started to work in advertising and in 1991 he moved to London. In 1999 he won the Kimura Ihei Commemorative Photography Award for his project 'Tokyo Suburbia', in paper an extremely rare cult book but now also available as digital book.