Nicolas SILBERFADEN, Sybren (SYB) KUIPER (Book Design)

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Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 24 x 31
x 1,5 cm., 71 pp., + 15 inserts, 76 color ills., English, Ltd. to only 300 copies!.
Self published 2016.
ISBN 9780692697115

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"738 statement: Using a large format camera I have been photographing, for the past four years, the urban landscape of Los Angeles.

The title ‘738' derives from the building number where I lived, the starting point to my daily photographic excursions. The images revolve around the tension between the idea of longing and belonging somewhere; far into the topography of longing.
This work is about the fabric of what constitutes a place, where spaces, objects and random encounters await to be appropriated with meaning, with a significance that will enable us to find among fragmented territories, a place to call our own.
Photo book '738' deals not only with the occupation of space but with the space itself, and the idea that it is possible to allude to a deeper social meaning by describing the surface of things.
Los Angeles gave me the sense of a city of ultimate futility, carrying with it the eerie possibility that it might vanish as quickly as it appeared. While photographing I would walk, in solitude, the same streets over and over again, revealing little by little its beauty deep below the gritty and rugged surface of its streets." (© Nicolas SILBERFADEN)

Special edition of 30 books comes with a 24x30 cm.-print in an edition of 15; you have 2 print choices: 1) 'tree pointing right. 2016' or 'palm tree, rocks and freeway. 2016'

"Eine wunderbare Arbeit des Hartford-Studenten Nicolas SILBERFADEN, mit gestalterischer Unterstützung von Sybren (SYB) KUIPER!
Die selbst verlegte Publikation erscheint in einer Auflage von 300 Exemplaren und dürfte schon bald ausverkauft sein." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)