Davide Palmisano, Paola Riccardi (ed., text), Antonella Sacchetti (text)


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"'Timeless Persia' is a photographic story that expresses the contrasts and contradictions of Iran and at the same time a story of a personal journey. The dummy book of Timeless Persia has already been selected with the third prize at PhotoEbook award, organized last year by Emuse publishing house in Italy." (from Crowdfunding platform kisskissbankbank)

"Iran is a country with no time. Because the weather has left too many signs, and what remains is the stratification: the past, first in Persia, now Iran, is as strong as sentiment and also loved.
The story becomes narration - when even poetry - up to often confused with the experience of the same narrator.
The stories overlap, and the sense of the past that you come across, borders on romance: more than the past "historical", the narrator ends up falling in love with what for him, intimately, that past is.
Like Scheherazade in person, which tells the clock to save her life.
So we chained to Iran, and Iran holds all chained." (D.P.)

About the photographer (*1973 in Catania, Italy):
Davide Palmisano lives and works in Trento, Italy, since 1997. Still very young, he showed a sincere passion for photography, which he has practiced regularly. In the last few years he has discovered the potential of expression and narrative within photography; this awareness led him to concentrate its focus and efforts on thematic and monographic projects. A self-taught photographer, avid reader of photobooks and regular visitor of exhibitions and festivals, Davide photographs, from a position of non-professionalism, to meet the need of a personal and intimate expression. Photography for Davide Palmisano is a sensitive tool to depict reality - or its fragments - that he uses to interpret his perception in a candid way. The medium becomes a channel to stimulate the emotional dimension of the viewer. In his expressive practice he focuses on researching suggestion and representing moods as a visual response to his feeling when observing a situation; the images thus conceived portray an 'inner landscape'. Davide likes to describe his photography as "a means to disclose a statement about this world and those who inhabit it". He believes curiosity and imagination are the emotional fuel and the genuine reasons of creative action. His favourite approach mostly comply with reportage and street photography but he also looks at fine-art photography as a different option that involves breaking the rules, daring, following an even more personal path. Born in Rome in 1961, Manuela Marchetti lives and works in Trento. Photographer for passion, join this interest to respond a personal need of expressive storytelling through images. For her photography is a way to penetrate the relationship between people and environment and investigating the man in the social reality in which first acts and, at the same time suffers, in a continuum of evolution. Sensitive to the theme "woman", she claims to have "a curious look, liquid attentive to the aspects of the female world submerged and inadmissible". She prefers thematic projects and monographs, competing in both reportage and street photography.

testo in italiano:
"L’Iran è un paese senza tempo.
Perché il tempo ha lasciato troppi segni, e quel che resta è la stratificazione: il passato, in Persia prima, in Iran adesso, è forte come sentimento e parimenti amato.
La storia diventa narrazione - quando non addirittura poesia - sino a confondersi spesso con il vissuto dello stesso narratore.
Le storie si sovrappongono, ed il senso del passato che si incontra, rasenta il romanzesco: più che del passato “storico”, il narratore finisce con l’innamorarsi di ciò che per lui, intimamente, quel passato rappresenta.
Come fosse Shehrazade in persona, che racconta senza sosta per aver salva la vita.
Così ci si incatena all’Iran, e l’Iran tiene tutti incatenati." (D.P.)

Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen sind die Fotografien in 'Timeless Persia' in Schwarz-Weiss gehalten. Das in einer kleinen Auflage von nur 150 Exemplaren selbst verlegte Buch des italienischen Fotografen Davide Palmisano zeigt die persönlichen Eindrücke einer Reise in den heutigen Iran und dokumentiert die dabei gemachten kontrastreichen Erfahrungen.
Dabei wechseln sich Seiten mit kleinen Bildpaaren und etwas Text ab mit ganzseitigen Aufnahmen. Die Aufnahmen zeigen sowohl Innenaufnahmen, Straßenszenen, urbane Stilleben als auch Landschaftsaufnahmen. Zum Ende hin werden auch Bilder aus Zeitungen, dem Fernseher oder Smartphone eingestreut sowie Aufnahmen alter Briefe und Photos. Dadurch gewinnen die Abbildungen an politischem, historischem und persönlichem Charakter.
Insgesamt ist 'Timeless Persia' ein gut gemachtes Buch, leider nur in italienischer und persischer Sprache.

"'Timeless Persia" ist eine fotografische Geschichte, die gleichzeitig die Kontraste und Widersprüche des Iran zum Ausdruck bringt, wie auch die Eindrücke einer persönlichen Reise. Der Buch-Dummy von 'Timeless Persia' wurde mit dem dritten Preis bei PhotoEbook bedacht, der 2015 von Emuse Verlag in Italien organisiert worden ist." (Crowdfunding-Plattform kisskissbankbank)