Mara Palena

Undertow - memories of an american journey - SIGNED COPY! Ltd. to 100 copies!

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"Undertow is the english term that describes the process whereby an underwater current flows strongly away from the coast carrying away everything it touches. Undertow, just like the water current, brings back the memories of a journey that belongs to the road.
Mara's photographs of ordinary America focus on spotlight shapes, unstudied portraits, strangers and their behaviour lost between the natural colours of the daylight and the artificial lights of the night. The frames are captured and depicted as an act of remembering, snapshots charged with emotions that build different stories.
The diaristic snapshot of this infinite nature and unaware subjects are so real that they become almost surreal. This book aims to explore a very well known reality through a poetic style focused on the actions of people lost in time and place. The road acts as the surface that will lead us somewhere.
The feeling that we are walking through memories is somehow evoked. The undertow doesn't just allude to water, this phenomenon can also allude to a vice hard to escape from or a feeling that you cannot shake. Fascinated by the modern world, tourism and sub-culture, the artist addresses herself to what is known as the sub-genre of photo-reportage: Street Photography.
Bruce Gilden once said: “If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph”. In Mara's shots the smell of the street is filtered by a tender look and evokes unexpected memories." (Matilde Scaramellini)

About ther photographer:
"Mara Palena lived in Milan until 2009. She moved to London where she started working as an assistant for the most influent stylists in the fashion industry, between London and Paris.
Her photographic research went hand in hand with a frenetic lifestyle. She also had the chance to work in the team of internationally renowned magazines and photographers.
The fashion industry has influenced her aesthetic but at the same time, it represented for her a necessary path to get closer to a new reality: street photography." (press release)