Kazuyuki Kawaguchi, Hara KOICHI (Book Design)

Okinawa Genshikou ('Okinawa Phantasmic Tour')

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The book with pictures from Okinawa in the 70s is a photographic memory of the summer '76 when japanese photographer Kawaguchi traveled for the 1st time to Okinawa. It followed more visits, cementing what would be his lifelong relationship between the island, its people and himself.

"After so many years, the countless negatives are practically fossils of light, and yet coming face to face with the, they instantly bring up memories of a struggle to see that which was not visible. Okinawa Genshikou ('Okinawa Phantasmic Tour') was the title I presented thirty-seven years ago. If we are to say that the act of photography is to communicate to others through the photographic form, then I believe these title words must underlie the awareness of anyone who hopes to look squarely upon the ever-transforming situation of Okinawa." (K.K.)

Das Buch erlaubt einen Blick auf Okinawa in den Siebzigern, da das Material von Kawaguchis erster Reise dorthin stammt, die er im Sommer 1976 machte.
Der Fotograf selbst war bei der Auswahl für das Buch von der Fülle an Eindrücken und den Veränderungen, die sich inzwischen ergeben haben, beeindruckt.