Viviane Sassen, Moses Isegawa (text)

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"'Flamboya' includes over fifty recent photographs taken across Africa—from Cape Town to Kenya to Zambia—that disregard traditional boundaries of genres and tackle the problematic bond between photography, imperialism, and the colonial imagination. Viviane Sassen’s aesthetic vocabulary suggestively recalls documentary as much as staged photography and relies on a visual economy that invites the formulation of multiple interpretations. Seen through Sassen’s lens, the ethnic Other interrogates the traditional nexus laid between vision, knowledge, and power, which lies at the heart of the history and ideology of photography." (publisher's note)

About the photographer (*1972 in Amsterdam):
Viviane Sassen has studied Art History in Arnhem and specialised in photography and fashion. Her pictures have been shown in many solo and group exhibitions and she has worked with various magazines.

Dutch Art Curator Moses Isegawa (born August 10, 1963 in Uganda) is the pseudonym for Sey Wava, a Ugandan author. He worked as a history teacher before leaving for the Netherlands in 1990. He is the author of Abyssinian Chronicles and Snakepit. He resided for more than 15 years in Beverwijk , a small town near Amsterdam. In 2006 he returned to Uganda.

"Eine vielschichtige Arbeit der holländischen Fotografin über Afrika, in der sie Elemente der Modefotografie, der Inszenierung, Reflexionen von Kindheitserinnerungen sowie Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Medium Fotografie auf sehr originelle Art und Weise miteinander verwebt." (Michael Klein-Reitzenstein)