Leopoldo POMÉS, Pepe Font de Mora (text)

Barcelona. 1957

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"Photo book 'Barcelona. 1957' starts with a conversation between two of the persons that best know Barcelona: the famous Spanish writer Eduardo Mendoza and Leopoldo POMÉS, one of the most mythical photographer of Barcelona.

With a versatile personality embracing cinema, advertising or restaurant management, Leopoldo POMÉS (Barcelona, 1931) became known as a photographer in 1955 when he presented in the Galeries Laietanes of Barcelona (where the most important avant-garde exhibitions of the time were held) a display of photographs which broke with what had been seen until then and attracted the enthusiasm of some and uttered outrage exclamations from others. (...)

In 1957, Carlos Barral, the legendary editor of Seix Barral, commissioned Leopoldo POMÉS a photo-book about his city, Barcelona. Although they were very enthusiastic about the result, the publishing project was never carried out.

More than 50 years later, the Foto Colectania Foundation and La Fabrica recover with this publication a unique photographic work, which is also a tour through a vanished world. The book contains about eighty black and white photographs, some of them turned into icons of POMÉS´ work, and others unpublished.
A story of an era that stands out both for its timelessness and its aesthetic beauty, which lies in the spontaneity and apparent simplicity of the photographs´ composition. The book is completed with a conversation between the author, Leopoldo POMÉS, and the writer Eduardo Mendoza, and includes also texts by the director of the Foto Colectania Foundation, Pepe Font de Mora, and the writer and art critic Juan Manuel Bonet." (publisher's note, © La Fabrica, 2012)