Cedric Van Turtelboom, Jean-Marc Bodson (text)


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31 year-old Belgian photographer Cedric Van Turtelboom introduces us to Noroc, a series of photos made during several years of traveling to discover Romania. more detials to read here: http://fotografiamagazine.com/noroc-cedric-van-turtelboom/

"Van Turtelboom keeps us on a tightrope that traverses the fine line between what we believe we know and that which seems strange. He has the power to convince us to follow him despite our vertigo and the loss of any points of reference. By means of his photography, he warns us that the world’s logic is nothing but an optical illusion. The time has passed for judgement: now we need to learn how to live a nomadic life in a sensory no man’s land." (Jean-Marc Bodson)

"Noroc is the result of Cedric Van Turtelboom’s winter adventures to Romania. With the simple rule of always sleeping at the home of a local, Cedric approaches with humor a freezing and twisted land, leaving us somewhere between documentary and an absurd fairytale." (Thomas Sauvin)

Van Turtelbooms 'Noroc' ist das Ergebnis einer Fotodokumentation zu seiner Reise nach Rumänien. Das kline, spiral-gebundene Buch wurde von Sybren (SYB) Kuiper gestaltet. Die Bilder führen uns eine Welt vor Augen, die zwar nicht aus dieser Zeit zu sein scheinen und dennoch alltäglich sind. Es sind Alltagsbilder aus dem von der Globalisierung eventuell vergessenen Osten Europas...