Jacob Aue SOBOL, Sun Hee Engelstoft (ed.)

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"The Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Thailand. It is born as the Ping and Nan rivers become one. From there its waters flow south to Bangkok. These pictures are a recording of what I saw and the people I met among The River of Kings in Bangkok." (Jacob Aue SOBOL)

"Bangkok. I came to Bangkok for the first time in the spring of 2008. It is a city that has one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, yet it is also a place where the gap between the poor and the rich is increasing rapidly.    
I found my interest in the sois, the narrow streets, which surround the muddy River of Chao Phraya, the street kids in Sukhumvit and the families who live by the old train track that runs through the slum of Klong Toey. This, as opposed to the fancy shopping area around Siam Square, is where people caught my attention - people I felt a connection with or an attraction towards, and who were willing to communicate with me or just share a brief moment of closeness. 
However, I could also often feel the distance between us, and so I often found myself in the role as the spectator photographing the constantly changing scenarios in the city. Underlined by the difference in language, race and social status, it was a continuous struggle to create an equal meeting. But when this succeeded, it was often in this encounter on a one to one basis - that I got the feeling of the closeness and intimacy I was searching for." (Jacob A. SOBOL)

About the photographer, Jacob Aue SOBOL (*b. 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark):

1998-2000 Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography
1997-1998 The European Film College

'Sabine' (2004), 'I, Tokyo' (2008), 'Veins' (with Anders Peteresen, 2013), 'By the River of Kings' (2016)