Yoshiko SEINO

Everywhere - Gathered Yourself - Stand

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"Photography makes sense only when it managaes to find a narrow passageway; it becomes valid only when the photographer manages to create a 'passage'. The 'passage' opens up before the viewer and what lies ahead is left open for him to decide." (Yoshiko SEINO)

RBook eview:
"This book, 'Everywhere - Gathered Yourself - Stand', consists of 48 photographs taken with a 35mm camera. Unfortunately, Yoshiko SEINO died on May 19, 2009 at age of 46.
This book 'Everywhere - Gathered Yourself - Stand' become the last message from her as it was co-edited and titled by Yoshiko herself is quoted from Paul Celan's poem." (© Read Charles Dee Mitchell)

As a co-editor, Yoko Sawada from publisher Osiris states, 'it might be difficult to categorize her photographs according to the established framework, but I think her works are surely in a stream of Japanese contemporary photography which has emerged from the non-Western way of thinking'.

About the photographer (*1963, died in 2009):
Yoshiko's work was first published in the book 'The signs of life', in 2003. "With this 1st book, she tooks mostly landscape photographs with a medium format camera. 'The signs of life' was exhibited in a solo show at Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland)." (Yoko Sawada)

"Die zu früh verstorbene Fotografin Yoshiko SEINO lieferte schon vor zehn Jahren für uns ungewohnte Bilder des heutigen Japan. die mit einer 35mm-Kamera gemachten Farb-Aufnahmen, sind nahe am Alltag und lassen dem Betrachter gleichzeitig genügend Raum für die eigene Fantasie." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)