Kiyotaka Yaguchi

Mabui. Reincarnation of souls in the Yaeyama Islands - FEW SIGNED COPIES IN STOCK!

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"In place of an afterword: I'm not an occultist, if anything. I used to have a materialist view. I also have an inspiration about my production, but no extrasensory perception about ghosts. Even so, I feel the tense atmosphere around the 'Utaki (a sacred place in the Yaeyama Islands)'. I remember being the most impressive during shooting about 'Shiti ceremony' of Irismoto Island in the sun shower. The sun cast a shaft of light from the break in the clouds on the regatta (the winner can bring a harvest). The women serving god singing, an suspicious sign definitely surrounded the beach.

I want to depict the spiritual world shooting the farthest islands by Black and White infrared film. Because color often puts it out of sight. The invisible world prehaps exists anywhere we live, but gratuitous things often prevent people from perceiving the invisible world. So, it is just difficult to perceive it. We gain patience in regard to difference by accepting the invisible world. It changes how people perceivethe world and affects the heart and mind.

In my childhood, I had travelled with my family around the Okinawa Islands. I remember only one scene of the rear-view mirror reflecting the sugarcane road. Under the circumstances, I had no time in my daily life to shoot my pictures. I had escaped to the Yaeyama Islands in 2005. First, I was attracted to the outer layer too. It was incorporated in my life since I took pictures in the Yaeyama Islands. I'm bringing out the new photo exhibition 'PAIPATILOMA (The legendary island, which is believed to be close to the Yaeyama Islands)' at the same time as this collection is published. I will take pictures about the Yaeyama Islands, now and forever. May 2014" (K.Y.)

Dank des Schwarz/weiss-Infrarot-Filmmaterials, welches der 1978 geborene japanische Fotograf für die Aufnahmen der sagenumwobenen, heiligen Yaeyama Islands verwendete - da aus seiner Sicht die Verwendung von Farbe das Spirituelle verdeckt - und Dank des tollen Drucks können wir in einen mystischen, interssanten Schwarz-Weiss-Band in den Händen halten und geniessen.