Linen bound HC (no dust jacket, as issued),
29 x 24 x 1,5 cm., 72 pp., color ills., text language: English.
Aman Iman 2016 (2015).
ISBN 9791092727036

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"Photographer Evgenia ARBUGAEVA, who lives and works in New York, returned to Tiksi, her native village in Siberia. There she met the young Tanya, a girl reminded her of her own youth and inspired her to make a series of photos. 
The result is a charming and enchanting series, 'Tiksi', in which photos of silent snow landscapes, a tranquil boat graveyard and a village full of brightly coloured houses with peeling paint are interspersed with images of snowstorms, green northern lights and the two characters in the pictures: Tanya and uncle Vanya.

Once Tiksi was an important military and scientific base. People came to it from across the country to find work or because of some romantic dream they had about the High North. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the military base and the airport were shut down. Unemployment rose and the village became cut off from the rest of the country. Many people left Tiksi and, like Evgenia and her family, moved to larger towns in Siberia.

Evgenia ARBUGAEVA never forgot the town where she was born. The feeling of longing for Tiksi remained. In the winter of 2011 she returned to it for the first time. The scenery was still beautiful but the town was deserted. Here she met Tanya and they became friends. Tanya reminded Evgenia of herself when she was a child. She had the same fascination with the sea and the tundra and the same urge to explore her surroundings.
With this project, 'Tiksi', she expresses her bond with today’s Tiksi, and with the memories of  her childhood." (© Vincent Jobse, 2013)

"'Once upon a time in Siberia, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in a warm bed in a small town, a little girl woke up from a dream…'
So begins the brief narrative accompanying this magnificent series of photographs by Evgenia ARBUGAEVA.
Although educated in New York and working as a freelance photographer since 2009, she was born in the town of Tiksi, located in the Russian Arctic. In her personal work, Evgenia ARBUGAEVA often investigates her homeland, discovering and capturing this remote northern world and the people who inhabit it.
The icy white expanses and bright colours of the town’s buildings and the little girl’s clothing are sharply and beautifully rendered." (publisher's note, © Amai Iman, 2015)

About the photographer, Evgenia ARBUGAEVA:
Evgenia ARBUGAEVA was born in the town of Tiksi, located in the Russian Arctic.
In 2009, she graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program in New York and since then works as a freelance photographer.
In her personal work she often looks into her homeland—the Arctic, discovering and capturing the remote worlds and people who inhabit them.

Arbugaeva has been a winner of various competitions. She is a recipient of the ICP Infinity Award (2015) Leica Oskar Barnack Award (2013) and the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant (2012). Her work has been exhibited internationally and appeared in such publications as National Geographic, mare, Le Monde, and The New Yorker magazines, among others.