Fond du Lac / Bottom of the lake

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"With 'Bottom of the Lake', Patterson revisits his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (French for “Bottom of the Lake”) and weaves together visual threads related to his personal history and the town’s history, geography, climate and culture. The book has been 1st published by TBW Books" - and now re-published as a 'trade edition'

"With Bottom of the Lake, Christian Patterson takes an allusive view of his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The work revolves around the 1973 Fond du Lac Telephone Directory, published shortly after the artist's birth. Patterson revisited and photographed places listed in the book and eventually placed his images inside his reproduction of the directory.
In addition, he has reactivated the directory with an interactive object, the Fond du Lac Telephone. It rings and calls you, and it also dials, so you can call Fond du Lac. It is accompanied by a list of people and places that can be called by dialing the phone. There are over 150 experiences contained within it, including field audio recordings, archival audio, and scripted and improvised performances by Patterson and a cast of friends, fellow artists and actors.
The telephone directory is an exhaustive, factual document of a specific place and time, while Patterson's work is a selective, subjective document of the same place in an undefined, other time. He also considers the telephone a photographic object – in the eyes and ears of others, an "other" Fond du Lac is imagined and created, through images of their own mental making, called forth by the sounds they hear.
By combining and mixing different documentary forms and image types, his work challenges and questions the very nature of photography, truth, memory and representation.
The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Athens." (American Corners, Greece)

"'Bottom of the Lake' a 256-page facsimile of the artist's family's telephone book for his hometown of Fond du Lac ("Bottom of the Lake"), printed in 1973, soon after his birth. The book includes found markings and reproductions of inserted materials, along with Patterson's own drawings, photographs and marginalia. Bottom of the Lake is a book within a book that carefully combines the original, found, fact-based phone book with the artist's highly subjective re-imagination of his hometown; it playfully juxtaposes different documentary forms and ways of seeing to create a deeply personal, darkly humorous "other" book. In addition, the experience of the book is extended beyond its pages by an interactive feature - a telephone number attached to the book that connects users with over 100 experiences mixing field audio recordings, found archival audio and performances that re-imagine and re-create the artist's hometown." (publisher's note)

"Bottom of the Lake" is shortlisted for the Aperture Foundation "Book of the Year Award" at Paris Photo 2015

"Fond du Lac ist der Name der Kleinstadt, in der der amerikanische Fotograf Christian Patterson aufgewachsen ist. 2013 veröffentlichte er eine Faksimile-Ausgabe des 1973 - ein Jahr nach seiner Geburt - erschienenn Telefonbuchs seiner Heimatstadt.
Das nun als Softcover-Ausgabe wieder veröffentlichte ,256 Seiten starke Faksimile enthält gefundene Markierungen und Reproduktionen von Materialien, zusammen mit Pattersons eigenen Zeichnungen, Fotografien und Marginalien. 'Fond du Lac (Bottom of the Lake)' ist ein Buch im Buch, welches sorgfältig das ursprüngliche, gefundene und auf Fakten basierende Telefonbuch auf sehr subtile Weise mit der sehr subjektiven Phantasie des Künstlers verbindet; so stellt es spielerisch verschiedene dokumentarische Formen und Sichtweisen gegenüber, um daraus ein sehr persönliches, von schwarzem Humor getragenes "anderes" Buch erstellen.
Darüber hinaus ihat Patterson das Buch über seine Seiten hinaus durch eine interaktive Funktion erweitert - in dem Buch findet sich eine Telefonnummer, die den Benutzer mit einem aus mehr als 100 Erlebnisse beinhaltenden Audio-Aufnahmen verbindet - Archivmaterial und Performances, die Fond du Lac neu denken und neu zu erfahren lässt.