Aleksey Myakishev


HC, 21,5 x 16 cm., 60 b/w ills., offset,
English, Limited to 300 copies!.
Self published in 2014.
ISBN n.a.

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"Returing to my home town of Vyatka, where I was born and lived quite a few years, I feel connected to everything that surrounds me, everything seems close and familiar. The houses and the streets haven’t changed, but they’re already not quite how they were 15 years ago. 

All the same, in the provinces, time runs slower than in the noisy capital and I wanted to stop this “slow time” and imprint it into my pictures. At times it seems that all my pictures are a return to the past, to that carefree childhood period where you don’t think about the future and you simply feel alive and happy. Year after year I come back to Vyatka, something draws me back, because it seems to me that there still remains something not falsified, something real in people’s faces which I want to record in my memory and in my photographs. - See more at:" (A.M.)

About the photographer (*1972, Kirov RUS):
professional photojournalist since 1991. to 1999 I working in various city for Kirov newspapers.
Since 1999 based in Moscow, became a freelance photographer.
I cooperate with Russian and foreign publications among them “Russian Newsweek”, “Kommersant”, “Helsingin Sanomat”, “APU”, “Talouselama” (Finland), and many others.
Currently working on several documentary projects on provincial Russia.
Interphoto medalist in 1998 and 2001, fellow of the Russian Ministry of Culture grant in 1996 and 1997
“Bestphotographer”, “The Best of Russia ”,” Award FRF ” prizes.
Curriculum lecturer “Leica-Akademia”.
I have taken part in many group exhibitions, as well as solo exhibitions in Russia, France, Germany and Canada.
My photographs form part of collections in the municipal library of Auxerre (France), and also in the collection “Leica-Russia”, and various private collections in Germany, France, Spain, Russia.In 1998 in cooperation with German photographer Anneta Freack he participated in the project “Two sights to Viatka” and in the same year exhibited his works in the Art Museum of Kirov and a bit later – in “Nadar” gallery in Germany.

Im Buch 'Vyatka' doukmentiert der russische Fotograf Aleksey Myakishev in einem Zeitraum von zwanzig Jahren die gleichnamige Region, in der er aufgewachsen ist und deren Hauptstadt Kirow  ist, welche ursprünglich ebenfalls Vyatka genannt wurde.

Das leinengebundene Buch ist sehr klassisch gehalten; es gibt keine Doppelseiten, alle Bilder sind auf der rechten Seite angeordnet. Die Motive sind im Reportagestil fotografiert, in der Hauptsache Meschen in Aktion, zumeist Landbevölkerung. Für Liebhaber russischer Fotografie ein Muss.

Über den Fotografen:
Myakishev ist in Vyatka aufgewachsen und wohnt und arbeitet jetzt in Moskau als Fotograf.
Wie jeder Jugendliche, musste auch Myakishev in der damaligen UdSSR einem Hobbyverein beitreten. Ein Freund besuchte einen Fotoklub und Myakischev begleitete ihn. Das Medium Fotografie fesselte ihn immer mehr, sodass er ab Beginn der 1990er Jahre als Fotojournalist für zahlreiche russische Printmedien arbeitet.