Magnus Westerborn

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"In 1954 my parent travelled to Italy. They were 28 and 30 years old, and left their kids at home to go off on their own.
The Second World War had ended almost ten years ago, and now there was hope for the future. The borders were open for travel, and with your own car you could now explore Europe. A car was something you were proud to own, a travel companion and was of course included in the record of the journey.
Sixty years later in my parent's house I found their album from the trip. To my surprise I had no recollection of the album, although it must have been around the whole time I was growing up.
Amongst all the photographs from the album, which have all come loose and no longer stick to the pages as the glue have dried over the years, I found a serie of pictures which tells about being on the road. On the road, towards the unknown in a 1954 Volkswagen Beetle." (M.W.)

Bilder aus den 50er Jahren, Archivmaterial vom Sohn, selbst Fotograf, neu heraus gegeben. Für VW-Fans ein Muss, aber vielleicht wird es nie über die Fotobuch-Welt hinaus bekannt?
"1954 reisten meine Eltern nach Italien. Sie waren 28 beziehungsweise 30 Jahre alt und ließen die Kinder Zuhause, um sich alleine auf den Weg machen zu können. (...) - mehr folgt in Kürze -...