Joseph KOUDELKA, Giuseppe Culicchia (foreword)


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"Whether photographing avant-garde theatre, gypsies on the steppes of Eastern Europe, resistance to Soviet guns and tanks advancing on Prague, Josef Koudelka has consistently produced images that provoke a connection to the larger questions of human existence.

'Piedmont' brings together panoramic photographs from one of his most recent projects, the landscape of the Piedmont region of northern Italy. As Giuseppe Culicchia says in his introduction to this superb collection, 'Today's Piedmont is a region that is both wonderful and wounded. And here they are: the wonders and the wounds. Every one of Josef Koudelkas shots stirs up an emotion Humans are largely absent from Koudelkas images, because the books main protagonist is the land itself.'
This beautifully bound volume is sure to have a powerful resonance for all lovers of photography." (publisher's note)

Bekannt wurde der MAGNUM-Fotograf mit seinen Bildern russischer Truppen, die 1968 in Prag den Aufstand der tschechischen Bevölkerung stoppten.
'Piedmont' versammelt Scharz-Weiss-Aufnahmen der gleichnamigen Region in Italien, die den Ist-Zustand der schönen, verwundeten Landschaft dokumentieren.