Stephen SHORE, Ralph Goertz (ed.)

Stephen Shore. New Color Photography (DVD)

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"The american photographer Stephen Shore is internationally best known as a part of the New Color Photography movement in the U.S. From the early 70th onwards, Shore made several road trips through the United States documenting 'American Life', the apparent banality of which caused incredible irritation among his contemporaries.
In this documentary Shore gives a deap inside view in his understanding of photography. We were also allowed to accompany him over two years while he set up his shows in Dublin & Düsseldorf and in his class at Bard College.

"Berühmt wurde der amerikanische Fotograf Stephen SHORE durch seine Abbildung des "AMERICAN LIFE" in den Serien 'American Surfaces' und 'Uncommon Places', die er konsequent in Farbe produzierte.
Wir durften Stephen SHORE in seinem Studio in New York und beim Hängen seiner Show in Dublin begleiten - und erstmals in seiner Klasse im Bard College!" (Text des Herausgebers)