Vivian MAIER, Richard Cahen (ed.), Michael Williams (ed.)

Eye to Eye. Photographs by Vivian Maier

HC with dust jacket, 21 x 23 cm., 207 pp.,
b/w ills., text language: English.
CityFiles 2014.
ISBN 9780991541805

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"Since her death in 2009, Vivian MAIER has become a photographic phenomenon. Her story - thousands of photo negatives and prints found in a storage locker and sold for pennies at auction - has stirred millions around the world.

Vivian MAIER was a painfully private woman who now speaks powerfully through the photographs she took only for herself. This new collection offers readers a chance to follow MAIER as she travels the world, including images of France, Italy, Malaysia, Yemen, Puerto Rico, and America.
These eye-to-eye portraits, published for the first time, are the single constant in her lifetime of photographic work.

MAIER is often cast as a quirky, antisocial character, moving on the outskirts of real connection. But these photographs show something more. Printed with the latest technology, the book utilizes a modified four-color process that produces images akin to traditional silver gelatin prints. Combined with 15u stochastic screening, Vivian MAIER's 96 photographs in this volume are spectacularly sharp, full-range black-and-white reproductions." (publisher's note, © CityFiles, 2014)