Tod PAPAGEORGE, Michael MACK (Book Design)

Passing through Eden

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"'Passing Through Eden' is a book of photographs that rewards the reader who both looks and thinks. It is carefully sequenced, with a selection of pictures depicting a real place, Central Park, in a deliberate and too-simply-labeled "documentary" style to approximate--at least in the first third of the book--a modern day visual parallel to the opening chapters of the book of Genesis. Look again without that 'document' - tag; this book is pure fiction, the best sort of construct. The work stems from a honed sensibility embracing transparency and mastery of the medium's most powerful quality, verisimilitude. The photographs consistently demonstrate a profound combination of both self and world. Central Park, metaphorically Eden, is the setting for the world Papageorge creates with his lens, the agent of light (is it really that good there?) and his deep, unrelenting, complex understanding of human nature. Oh, let's not forget the shutter; perhaps the most gracefully, and precisely, used physical tool in the making of his pictures.

People do not purposefully arrange themselves in public, especially in a park where one goes for solitude and to commune with nature (god?): if a picture made there is to have a purpose it is the artist's task to create it. And PAPAGEORGE, with unimaginable facility, does this, imbuing each image with purpose and meaning, as much as photographs can convey those elusive qualities. It is not luck or happenstance that the ball floats mysteriously inches from a young woman's face like a global apparition (or Eve's apple); he PUT it there, in his picture.
His photographs are the result of intuition, intellect, and experience in forming distilled fabrications from the actual raw material you, I, and seven million other New Yorkers are constantly shaping and undoing as we move through the city's greatest park. He does it by using the medium of photography with consummate skill and grace and by being completely in tune with its transformative powers. He brilliantly knows the difference between the actual and a photograph and he exploits that difference to make pictures expressing his specific understanding of the world. For this clearly is his world, filled with humor, tragedy, mystery and of course the first gift, light.
Buy this book; make it a gift to yourself!" (Mike Smith)

"Eine Reise ins grüne Herz des Big Apple. Grandiose Bilder aus 25 Jahren Central Park. Nach einer Idee des Landschaftsarchitekten Andrew Jackson Downing wurde der heute berühmteste Park der Welt ab Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts als Naherholungsgebiet konzipiert.
Die 1858 begonnenen Bauarbeiten sind bis heute nicht abgeschlossen, denn stetig wird der Park wandelnden Bedürfnissen und Nutzungen angepasst, ohne indes seinen landschaftlichen Charakter zu verlieren. An schönen Tagen besuchen heute über eine halbe Millionen Menschen den über vier Kilometer langen und 800 Meter breiten Park, die grüne Lunge New Yorks.

Der Fotograf Tod PAPAGEORGE, dessen Bilder u.a. in der Sammlung des MoMA enthalten sind, hat über 25 Jahre, zwischen 1966 und 1991, die Menschen bei den vielfältigsten Aktivitäten eingefangen. Mal ist der Park eine Ruheoase, mal ein Sonnenstrand, mal ein Demonstrationsort, mal ein riesengroßer Kinderspielplatz, mal ein Hort Verliebter, mal ein Schlafplatz, mal ein botanischer Garten, aber immer ein melting pot im Kleinen und Treffpunkt verschiedenster Kulturen und Schichten.

PAPAGEORGE hat so auch ein Stück Zeitgeschichte gebannt, denn seine Bilder sehen Moden kommen und gehen, blicken auf vergangene und scheinbar unvergängliche Parklandschaften, und legen so den Blick frei auf ein kleines Königreich im großen New York, in dem die Besucher Könige sind." (Verlagstext)