Nerhol, Tanaka YOSHIHISA (Book Design)

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"'Nerhol' is an artist unit created in 2007, composed of Yoshihisa TAMNAKA who plans the ideas, and Ryuta Iida who sculpts them. 'Nerhol' is a mash up of two words, “neru” to plan ideas and “holu” to sculpt and carve.

"The theme chosen for the latest exhibition is 'Portrait'. A heavily explored theme by countless artists in the history of art, Nerhol has been able to apply new methods and concepts to draw out the depth of the consciousness from each subject in a unique fashion.
27 new pieces are displayed in the latest exhibition 'Misunderstanding Focus'.

It is by instinct that the consciousness manages to find a way to arrive at the surface of a subject. When a human body stops for a given period, the muscles that support the body begin to stiffen. All the while, the blood continues to circulate causing the slightest wavering in one's center of balance. Simply put, humans cannot stay still. Our consciousness, sending electric signals endlessly throughout our body, reveal the effect of this energy, which results in motion. The fact that we cannot stay still expresses the metamorphosis of time. As time controls the body, the consciousness is controlled from within. Acknowledging the futility in capturing the very essence of each and every subject at its greatest depth did not hinder the desire to attempt to show at least a glimpse of it.

This attempt was to 'freeze' time on paper by shooting a subject during a 3 minute period. Minimizing the entire process by shooting and stacking, the inevitable movements of the body and facial expressions are captured revealing the subtle differences in motion.”

Das Buch beinhaltet die Serien 'Misunderstanding Focus' (2012) und 'Scene to kno / daily' (2013). Diese Serien bestehen aus einer Reihe von Porträts. Diese sind jedoch augenscheinlich bis zur Unkenntlichkeit entzerrt, verschoben, ja: deformiert. Diese deformierungen sind das Resultat eines künstlerischen Prozesses, in dem die Zweidimensionalität der Portraitaufnahme in die Dreidimensionalität einer Skultptur überführt wird. Der Kunstname 'Nerhol', unter dem das Duo Yoshihas Tanaka (Idee, Planung) & Ryuta Iida (Skulpteur) arbeitet ist ine Mischung aus den beiden japanischen Worten 'neru' (das Planen / die Umsetzung von Ideen) und 'holu' (Plastisches erschaffen).
Die Serien wurden in diesem Jahr u.a. in Amsterdam ('UNSEEN') und Vevey ('FESTIVAL IMAGES') gezeigt.
Jedes Buchcover zeigt ein anderes, in eine Skulptur überführtes Portrait.