Lewis Chaplin (ed.), Ben Weaver (ed.)


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"‘2041’ is an eponymous collection of self-portraits, concealed beneath various forms of burqa or niqab. Using the camera to articulate a passion he has secretly indulged for decades, the artist appears dozens of times without ever disclosing his image or identity.
Long before 2041 bought his first real burqa online, he began crafting his own versions from draped and folded fabrics in a rich array of textures and colours. By photographing himself in these costumes – ranging from the traditional to the theatrical – he adopts multiple personas, but always remains anonymous.
2041’s first memories of the pleasure of being enveloped in swathes of cloth are from his days as a choirboy seven decades ago. As an adult, he developed an interest in more complete coverings, but it is only in the last ten years, since he bought a computer and found an online community, that he shares his passion. The photographs in 2041 are selected from thousands that he has made to share with fellow enthusiasts." (publisher's note)

Ein kurioser Titel, entstanden aus einem zufälligen Flickr-Fund.... Die unter dem Pseudonym '2041' veröffentlichten Fotos zeigen auf farbigen Bildern Selbstportraits deines passionierten Fotografen. Die Burka-Vermummung macht ihn gänzlich unkenntlich. Das 6-seitige Inlet erklärt die verschieden Burka-Typen...