David Gibson (ed.)

The Street Photographer's Manual

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"'The Street Photographer's Manual' celebrates the spirit of street photography with inspiring instruction to help you capture the perfect urban moment. Through 20 simple project tutorials on subjects such as 'Sequences', 'Shadows' and 'Objects', as well as captivating illustrated profiles of 20 internationally acclaimed street photographers, including Bruce Gilden, Nils Jorgensen and Saul Leiter, author David Gibson gives you a visual tour of the medium - perfect for the aspiring street photographer.
- Projects to experiment with and expand your street photography - Advice from leading street photographers around the world - Acomplete overview of the most exciting, dynamic form of photography". (blurb)

"Whether dark, edgy or humorous, street photography shows us that daily life can be a little surreal but also gently poignant. Photo sharing on Flickr and Facebook has rejuvenated the genre, and its spirit has been reborn. This book is about the possibilities of street photography, and how it can be approached in a tangible way. It begins with an overview of street photography, examining its past, present and future, and looking at how the genre has changed over time. The reader is then introduced to twenty of the most acclaimed international street photographers, among them Bruce Gilden, Alex Webb, Nils Jorgensen and Saul Leiter. Integrated within the profiles are twenty fully illustrated tutorials, including how to shoot a face in a crowd and how to train your eye to observe and capture the unexpected. This book shows you that being a street photographer is about looking for the luck. But luck requires inspiration and that is where this book is indispensable." (publisher's note)

"'The Street Photographer's Manual' zelebriert den Spirit der Straßenfotografie mit inspirierenden Unterricht mit dem Ziel den perfekten Moment einzufangen. In 20 einfachen Tutorials zu Themen wie 'Sequenzen', 'Schatten' und 'Objekte' sowie fesselnd dargestellte Profile von 20 international renommierten Straßenfotografen, darunter Bruce Gilden, Nils Jorgensen und Saul Leiter, vermittelt der Autor David Gibson einen visuellen Rundgang durch das Medium - perfekt für angehende Straßenfotografen.
- Projekte zum Experimetieren und Erwetern der eigenen Straßenfotografie - Beratung von führenden Straßen-Fotografen auf der ganzen Welt -. Einen kompletten Überblick über die spannendsten dynamische Form der Fotografie" (Klappentext)

Beteilgte Fotografen: Elliott Erwitt, Kaushal Parikh, Bruce Gilden, Matt Stuart, Maria Plotnikova, Lukas Vasilikos, Blake Andrews, Nils Jorgensen, Marc Riboud, Shin Noguchi, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Jack Simon, Saul Leiter, Trent Parke, Jesse Marlow, Johanna Neurath, Caspar Claasen, David Salomons, Narelle Autio, Oliver Lang