Mark Durden (ed.)

Photography Today

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"A comprehensive and much-needed survey of the last 40 years of photography, charting its path from method of documentation to art form. Reproduces 500 of the greatest photographic works by modern masters such as Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Cindy Sherman, Danny Lyon, Joel Meyerowitz, Nan Goldin and James Nachtwey. Ten thematic chapters cover the major genres of contemporary photography, including landscape, portraiture, street photography, and documentary. A compelling narrative places these artists and their works within a wider context, with rich and authoritative text." (from the publisher)

"Deft cross‐referencing, only possible by a deep knowledge of the subject, is typical of the book as a whole. . .Durden employs a poetic approach to writing often, which gives the book a lightness, preventing it from becoming turgid, dull, or unnecessarily academic." (British Journal of Photography)

about the author:
Mark Durden is a writer, artist and lecturer. He has written extensively on photography and contemporary art. Publications include Dorothea Lange (2001, 2012), Fifty Key Writers on Photography (2012), with David Campbell, Variable Capital (2007) and with Ken Grant, Double Take: Portraits from the Keith Medley Archive (2013). He is part of the artists' group Common Culture and currently Professor of Photography at the University of South Wales, UK.

Ein umfassender und dringend notwendiger Überblick über die letzten 40 Jahre der Fotografie, von ihrem Weg als Methode zur Dokumentation bis zur Kunstform. Das Buch beinhaltet rund 500 der größten fotografischen Werke moderner Meister wie Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Cindy Sherman, Danny Lyon, Joel Meyerowitz, Nan Goldin und James Nachtwey.
Zehn thematische Kapitel decken die wichtigsten Genres der zeitgenössischen Fotografie, darunter Landschaft, Porträt, Straßenfotografie und Dokumentar-Fotografie.
In überzeugenden, zitierfähigen Texten werden diese Künstler und ihre Arbeiten in einem größeren Kontext dargestellt.