On the Sixth Day

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“This project, 'On the Sixth Day', interprets the people and animals inhabiting the Pampas, their relationship with each other and the land. In the rural farmland of Argentina, this relationship is part of everyday life.

Small and open land farming, unlike intensive and factory farming, has resulted in a language of traditions that persist over the years, where the cycle of life and death is present every day, from dawn to dusk.” (© Alessandra SANGUINETTI)

"Alessandra SANGUINETTI has been unfolding a tale of animals and humans, of their interaction and dependence.
'On the Sixth Day' is set in the countryside within the province of Buenos Aires. Since 1996, she has been photographing a fragile terrain where the lives of the animals and the subsistence farmers share a practical and ritual space.

The scenes are by local roadsides, fields and nearby woods where the farmers live, often within the property of the larger landowner for whom they work." (© Robert Blake, ICP)