Stephen SHORE, Antonello Frongia (ed.), William Guerrieri (ed.)

Mose. A Preliminary Report

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"This volume collects the photographs taken by Stephen SHORE in Venice in the summer of 2008.

Stephen SHORE's Preliminary report on Venice's Mose first appears like a collation of materials documenting the phenomenon of acqua alta (flooding) and the construction of the mobile gates intended to protect the Venetian lagoon.
Archive photographs, newspaper articles, historical maps, technical reports, engineering plans, and landscapes follow one after the other like dissimilar elements in an open investigation. Every page in this seemingly linear expositive structure continues to subtly yet insistently question us about the fragmentary nature of what we see and think.

Stephen SHORE's photographs achieve a frankness that can be disarming, zero-downed observations purified as far as possible of any sort of cultural reference and pre-conception." (publisher's note, © Linea di Confine / Koenig, 2011) note)

"In diesem 'Vorbericht' präsentiert Stephen SHORE gewohnt nüchtern und direkt seine Sicht auf das noch nicht fertiggestellte Projekt MOSE (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico), eine Konstruktion aus 79 Unterwasserschleusentoren, die Venedig vor der Überflutung schützen soll."