Cristina DE MIDDEL, GALERA (= José Luis Lugo, Book Design)

Party. Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTong

English ed., Pb, covered with plastic dust
jacket, 9 x 12,5 x 2 cm., 306 pp., 78 ills., text language: English.
RM / AMC 2014.
ISBN 9788415118671

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"'Party. Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTong', the new photobook by Cristina DE MIDDEL, follows on the enormous success of photo book 'The Afronauts'.

'Party. Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTong' was conceived by Cristina after a first trip to China in 2012, undertaken in the aim of 'making photography, of reacting with the camera to whatever caught my attention, without any attempt to explain or analyze.'

DE MIDDEL returned 'with a large series of photographs that were hard to classify and edit, since the only common denominator was my own astonishment.' 

'Party. Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTong' is a photo book built on the foundation of Mao’s Little Red Book. It is a book with “new” quotations and a free spirit that somehow shows us what China is today. Cristina uses the skeleton of Mao’s little book—what used to be the 'Bible' of Chinese people—to create a particular narrative.” (publisher's note, © RM/AMC, 2014)

"I decided to adapt this historic political statement to modern times by censoring and hiding the parts of the text that are no longer in force and highlighting some other redesigned sentences that, for me, form a more accurate portrait of the Peoples Republic of China in the 21st century." (© Cristina DE MIDDEL)