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"In 'Emmett', Ron Jude resurrects and reprints photographs he took as a teenager in the 1980s, to investigate the past as an idea and recognize the incomprehensible nature of self and place.
In scenes depicting subjects such as drag racing, teenagers, forests, and lightning, the images reflect the cultural and sociological specificity of his teenage years - growing up in an isolated small town enclosed by nature long before the era of the Internet and electronic connectivity. Jude evokes and recontextualizes these experiences in the present so that they also tell a new and ambiguous story that reflects his changing relationship to the photographs and the events and memories they convey over time.
Jude characterizes the viewer’s experience of the project as echoing the process of trying to piece together personal stories from slivers of memory with the aid of photographic documents. To this end, he repeats motifs, bringing the view back to the same subject again and again in a way that counters linear narrative progression.
'Emmett' was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in July 2013 in a three person exhibition entitled Backstory: Ron Jude, Guillaume Simoneau and LaToya Ruby Frazier." (publisher#s note)

About the photographer (*1965 in L.A.):
Ron Jude grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and currently lives in upstate New York. His photographs have been exhibited at venues including the Daugeu Cultural Center (Daugeu, South Korea), the Dodd Art Center, the George Eastman House Project Space, and the Museum of Contemporary Photog-raphy. Jude is the co-founder of A-Jump Books. His photographs have been reproduced in Blind Spot, Harper’s Magazine, The New Yorker and Doubletake, among others.

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