Dew Dew, Dew Its

Pb. (no dust jacket, as issued), 27,5 x 20,5
x 1,5 cm., 18 pp., color ills., text language: English.
Asian Man 2013.
ISBN 9780985949211

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"How many years has it been since Hiro went over to California?
Sometimes I would get messages written in a friendly Kyushu dialect, talking about all the crazy and fun things Hiro had seen touring with his friends' bands around America and Europe. I knew well his genius communication skills and his special character so I never worried about him, but I did wonder if he was actually taking pictures.
And then his book arrived. Just simply telling you how great this work is would get tedious, so I'll leave it. But I will tell you that it's clear he's taken countless shots during his tours.
I hope a lot of people are able to see and get to know his photography and book. Then they can laugh off the underachieving, self-searching beard-strokers out there with the question, "How do you like them apples? Photography can be THIS facinating and intriguing !" (© Koji Onaka)

"As a teenager, I often daydreamed of a day when playing music could offer me access to see the world. As I hurtle ever closer to my forties, I feel like I've been chewed up and spit out at the butt end of those dreams, now wishing music would simply afford me some much needed time at home. The novelty of tour, of seeing the world, has worn off like the once glossy finish of my guitar.
I guess what I'm saying is I've taken it all for granted. My teenage self would be pissed at me (though, wouldn't most of our teenage selves likely be pissed at us?). But whenever I travel with Hiro, well, it's hard to take anything for granted: you can't take your food for granted, 'OHHH! Super electric burrito!!!', you can't take your hotel room for granted, 'Ahhhh, pretty nice view, eh, Amigo?', you can't take your backstage for granted, 'Ooh, nice couch for poquito nap...'.
And I don't want to take things for granted; I love traveling with Hiro, I highly recommend it, if ever given the opportunity. Hiro helps me see the road with fresh eyes, perhaps similar to how I envisioned it as a teenager. When I look at his photos, it's not the wild, rock and roll shots that most affect me (though they do, they must), but the stillness of the salt and pepper shaker, the crack in the sidewalk. I see what Hiro sees, yet I need someone like Hiro to show me.
As for these pictures: they are wild in their movement, in their gestures. They are colorful, off beat, unusual, silly and crude. At times, pensive, sometimes stoic, thoughtful, emotional, often inquisitive. A bit mysterious, sly. At other times, bombastic, explosive, adrenaline-fueled, bold, even majestic. Always beautiful.

And as for Hiro? Well, if someone were to ask me, "Who's Hiro, what's up with that guy?", I suppose I could simply tell them to look at his pictures." (© Tim Kasher, Cursive)

"The role of a shaman is to connect the physical realm with that of the spiritual realm. He is in tune with the Here and the Now, the Past and the Future. He offers us a bridge in which we can better comprehend our place in this world. He shows us a reflection of ourselves and insomuch a way to understand our own selves more wholly. He reminds us that every moment matters.

Hironobu TANAKA is a shaman in the purest sense. Through him we are able to recognize that in each moment is a lesson, and with every lesson, a snapshot of our life." (© Cory Murchy, Minus the Bear)

"Der Fotoband 'Dew Dew, Dew Its' ist ein wirklich erfrischender Titel!
Der junge japanische Fotograf Hiro TANAKA scheut in seinen Snapshots nicht davor zurück, auch das Banalste festzuhalten, um seine Umwelt zu erfassen.

In den Bildern TANAKAs ist die Begeisterung für das Leben zu erkennen; in seiner Unbekümmertheit, Freude und Direktheit beinhalten sie Elemente der Fotografie von Wolfgang TILLMANS, Ryan McGINLEY, Juergen TELLER, Andreas WEINAND oder Igor SAMOLET, aber immer positiv & humorvoll betrachtet und sehr ästhetisch in Szene gesetzt.

'Dew Dew, Dew Its' entspricht dieser Unbekümmertheit und klaren Auffassung durch seinen einfach und dennoch plakativ gehaltenen Einband und das flüssige Editing.
Der Fotoband 'Dew Dew Dew Its' ist ein wirklich kurzweiliges Buch!" (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)