David Plowden

The American Barn

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"This beautiful volume is both a tribute to and a celebration of the photographer who, more than anyone else, has produced a visual record of man's mark on the American land over the last half-century. David Plowden's beautiful black-and-white images reveal his great respect for man's ingenuity and honest work, documenting a disappearing landscape of industry, small towns, wonderful devices and noble structures.
       David McCullough writes, "Plowden has produced some of the most powerful photographs we have of man-made America. He is propelled, driven, by a sense of time running out and the feeling that he must not just make a record, but confer a kind of immortality on certain aspects of American civilization before they vanish." As Walker Evans gave us the first half of twentieth-century America, David Plowden has given us the second. David Plowden: Vanishing Point represents the best of this magnificent body of work." (from the publisher)

"As an elemental part of America's landscape and history, barns evoke childhood memories for many of us and recollections of a simpler way of life. Regardless of their shape and size, their forms follow their functions. They are honest and beautiful. And they are rapidly vanishing. Across the land there are abandoned farms with barns falling down, being torn down, and only occasionally converted to other uses. As urban sprawl eats up the countryside and food-producing Goliaths put small farmers out of business, the need for old barns has diminished. For most of his life s a photographer, David Plowden has admired and photographed barns. As their disappearance has accelerated, he has made it hs mission to document these structures." (from the publisher)