Stephen Shore

American Surfaces

Pb., 21,5 x 25 cm., 224 pp., text language:
Phaidon 2008.
ISBN 9780714848631

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"A photo-diary of Stephen SHORE's experience crossing America in the 1970s. - Shore is one of the photographers who established colour photography as a legitimate medium of artistic expression. American Surfaces is one of the bodies of work which exemplifies why. A mix between Atget's Paris, which documents just about every facade, tree and street corner available, and Robert Frank's apparently casual, Americans' road trip, this, little published body of work, took documentary photography to a whole new level and opened up an entire range of possibilities to the next generation of photographers. (...)

"In 1972, Stephen SHORE left New York City and set out with a friend to Amarillo, Texas. He didn't drive, so his first view of America was framed by the passenger's window frame. He was taken aback by the fact that his experience of life as a New Yorker had very little in common with the character and aspirations of Middle America. Later that year he set out again, this time on his own, with a driver's licence and a Rollei 35 - a point-and-shoot camera - to explore the country through the eyes of an everyday tourist.

The project was entitled 'American Surfaces' - referring to the superficial nature of his brief encounters with places and people and the underlying character of the images that he hoped to produce.With such an easy-to-use camera, he photographed relentlessly. (...)

'In 'American Surfaces', I was photographing almost every meal I ate, every person I met, every waiter or waitress who served me, every bed I slept in, every toilet I peed in. But also, I was photographing streets I was driving through, buildings I would see.' (© Stephen SHORE)

(...) Stephen SHORE returned to New York triumphant, with hundreds of rolls of film spilling from his bags.
In order to remain faithful to the conceptual foundations of the project, he followed the lead of most tourists of the time and sent his film to be developed and printed in Kodak's labs in New Jersey.The result was hundreds and hundreds of exquisitely composed colour pictures, whose subject became the benchmark for documenting of our fast-living, consumer-orientated world - a body of work that followed on from Walker EVANS and Robert FRANK's experiences of crossing America and that influenced reams of photographers such as Martin PARR and Bernd & Hilla BECHER, who introduced a generation of students to Shore's work." (publisher's note, © phaidon, 2008)


"As a recorder of the fleeting but highly charged moments in the everyday, the weight of Shore's influence is undeniable." (© Creative Review)

"[Stephen SHORE's] exquisitely composed colour photographs became the benchmark for documenting our consumer-driven, fast-living world." (© Lexus magazine)

About the photographer, Steophen SHORE (b.1947):
At the age of 17, Stephen SHORE was a regular at Andy Warhol's 'Factory'.
By the age of 23, he became the first living photographer to have a one-man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. An unrivalled pioneer in his field, his work has been exhibited in numerous museums worldwide and influenced generations of photographers.
In 1982 he was appointed Director of the Photography Program at Bard College, New York where he is now the Susan Weber Soros Professor in the Arts.