Ping Pong Conversations. Alec Soth with Francesco Zanot

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"Beautiful content. and beautiful price. Really very interesting text and information in this book. Anyone should buy this. It is well made and has good paper. bind is strong and images look nice." -
"The images range from "iconic" to unknown, but the conversation never varies from insightful and enlightening. If you are a fan or a newcomer to Alec's work, this book is a great way to get to know the artist better." -
"The reproductions are beautiful and the binding solid and well made." -
"Great insight into an artist's creative and thought process. This book is like a workshop with Alec OTH. I found the book to be very informational." (amazon customers reviews)

"Storytelling and the use of color and black and white, staged and candid approaches, and personal and political issues are just a few of the many arguments that the American photographer Alec Soth discusses with critic Francesco Zanot, resulting in a combination of words and images that constitutes both a complex examination of Alec Soth's work and a manual on that reading of photography itself." (from the publisher)

'Ping Pong Conversations' ist eine wirklich kurzweilig zu lesende Einführung in die Denk- und Arbeitsweise des amerikanischen Fotografen und MAGNUM-Mitglieds Alec SOTH.