Paolo Woods, Robert Arnaud


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"STATE breaks away from the iconography of disaster commonly used to illustrate Haiti. The exhibition displays images that tell about order rather than chaos, comedy rather than tragedy: rich Haitians, the slow emergence of a middle class, the development of alternative bodies. With Swiss journalist and writer Arnaud Robert, Paolo Woods describes dynamics that are at work in all the developing countries: international organizations against local government; civil society against executive power; private money against public money." (publisher's note)

about the photographer:
Paolo Woods was born of Canadian and Dutch parentage. He grew up in Italy lived in Paris and is now based in Haiti.
He ran a laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence, Italy, before dedicating himself to documentary photography in 1998. He is devoted to long-term projects that blend photography with investigative journalism. In 2003, with the journalist Serge Michel, he published the book 'Un monde de Brut (A crule world)'. Tackling the subject of oil, this story involved working in, among other places, Angola, Russia, Kazakhstan, Texas and Iraq. In 2004 he published the book 'American chaos', a detailled reportage on western debacle in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both books have been published in France and Italy, and as magazione pieces in 15 different countries. In 2007/2008 he has documented the spectacular rise of the Chines in Africa. The book 'Chinafrica', again consigned with Serge Michel, has been published in France and translated in twelve languages including English, Spanish and Chinese. In 2010 he completed the project 'Walk on my Eyes', an intimate portrait of the Iranian society. The book has been published in France in summer 2012 and the show has premiered at the Festival of Arles in France. 2013 followed the book 'State (Etat)' about the (not existing) state Haiti; 2015 he published 'The Heavens Annual Report' at Dewi Lewis Media.
His work regularly appears in 'Time', 'Newsweek', 'Le Monde', 'Geo' and many other international publications.