Julian Germain

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness - ONE SEALED COPY (3rd) IN STOCK, FIVE SIGNED COPIES COMING SOON, PLEASE CONTACT!

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"In 2005 the book was published to critical acclaim, selling out soon after it’s release. Here's the new edition of Germain’s warm and affectionate portrait of Charles Albert Lucian Snelling (Charlie).

"I met Charles Albert Lucien Snelling on a Saturday in April, 1992.
He lived in a typical two up two down terraced house amongst many other two up two down terraced houses… It was yellow and orange. In that respect it was totally different from every other house on the street. Charlie was a simple, gentle, man. He loved flowers and the names of flowers. He loved colour and surrounded himself with colour. He loved his wife. Without ever trying or intending to, he showed me that the most important things in life cost nothing at all. He was my antidote to modern living." (J.G.)

In a series of photographs made over eight years, Germain captured the quiet, contemplative existence of an old man living alone in a small house in a city on the south coast of England. Unfettered by the misplaced aspirations of the modern world, Charlie spent the last years of his life absorbed in his memories of his wife, his children, his love for flowers, music and the quotidian pleasures of the crossword, and his albums of his own photographs. Germain’s photographs of Charlie, his home and the things he owned are a beautiful, gentle portrait of a gentleman in his twilight years.

Wiederauflage des 2005 erschienen Buches, das das Resultat einer 8-jährigen fotografischen Studie und behutsamen Portrait seines älteren Herrn, Charlie,sind. Dieser verbringt seine letzten Jahre in seiner eigenen, inneren Welt, in einem schmalen Häuschen an der englischen Südküste - Musik hörend, Alben blätternd und sich Erinnerungen hingebend. Der Betrachter erfährt viel über Charlie, doch Germain wahrt eine respektvolle Distanz. Ein bemerkenswertes Buch, ein berührendes Dokument, ein (foto-) künstlerisches Statement.