Johan VAN DER KEUKEN, Willem Van Zoetendaal (ed., Book Design)

Paris Mortel. Retouché

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Bint photobooks Selection of Notable photoBooks 2013

"In 1956 Johan VAN DER KEUKEN (1938-2001) moved from Amsterdam to Paris to study at the School of Film. There VAN DER KEUKEN took thousands of photographs, the city acting as a background to his feelings of desolation. In 1963 a selection of these were published in a book called 'Paris Mortel'.
The complete book, including the original dummy VAN DER KEUKEN made and a few previously unpublished photographs are collected in this publication." (publisher's note)

About the original: "'Paris mortel' by VAN DER KEUKEN - 1st ed. from 1963 - equally portrays the city and its denizens with an off-hand, jazz-like perspective.
The recent exhibition displaying all of the hitherto unseen prints leading up to one of Paris mortel’s most iconic single-images, 'Quartorze juillet' (Amsterdam, 2010), and rated equally as a significant photobook, has also been added to the collection. In both books, we see how much VAN DER KEUKEN’s film-making studies in Paris between 1956 and 1958, as well as William KLEIN’s work, impacted upon his radical aesthetic in both political and artistic ways to present a vision of Paris intended to disabuse us from our romanticism." (

Bint photobooks Selection of Notable photoBooks 2013