David SMITH, Rosalind E. Krauss (introduction), Joan Pechner (essay)

Photographs 1931 - 1965

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"By broadcasting, and thereby consolidating, the activities and production of the international photographic avant-garde, the 1929 publication of 'Foto-Auge' opened the triumphant decade of what Laszlo MOHOLY-NAGY would come to term the 'New Vision'." (1st sentence of Rosalind E. KRAUSS' introduction)

"The varied innovative photographic work of one of the century’s most important sculptors is explored in this volume, produced in collaboration with Matthew Marks Gallery.
Through photographing assemblages of found objects, as well as presenting his own views of classic sculptural works, SMITH found the medium of photography intrinsic to his creative process." (text@: fraenkel gallery)

"Die erste Publikation, die sich David SMITHs (1906-1965) Fotografien widmet, versammelt Stillleben, Akte und Installationsansichten seiner Skulpturen."