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"Lorenzo VITTURI's work is often found at the intersection of sculpture and photography and his latest project, Dalston Anatomy, saw him spend time in London’s Ridley Road Market taking pictures, making sculptures and creating collages with materials and objects he found amongst the debris of the marketplace. Vitturi’s process is largely concerned with the creation, consumption and preservation of images and studies the cyclical pattern of formation, disappearance and re-emergence. The makeshift sculptures he created mimic the organic and temporary nature of the market, and their documentation is the way in which they endure before diminishing once more. The book is a beautiful object that distils the very spirit of the fair –bound in exquisite Vlisco fabrics in bright patterns that are reminiscent of African markets and accompanied by a poem by Dalston-based poet (enter name here), that layers voices from the market to draw on its disjointed and surreal atmosphere." (publisher's note)

"In the end, it wasn't Lorenzo VITTURI's 'A Dalston Anatomy' – with its vibrant and kaleidoscopic take on London's Ridley Road Market – that scooped the prestigious 'Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award', but Óscar Monzón's 'Karma'."" (Tim CLARK)

"Artist VITTURI adopts an array of materials and practices to choreograph this vibrantly animated portrait of London’s Ridley Road Market. Discarded debris is transformed into glorious sculptures, playfully sequenced alongside the markets cacophony of characters, in a delightful celebration of rich creativity." (Tom CLAXTON)

"Formerly a cinema set painter, VITTURI has made a vivid, hyper-coloured love song to London's Ridley Road Market. With pictures and images of the collages and sculptures he made from materials salvaged from the detritus of the market, 'Dalston Anatomy' is a feast for the senses." (Zing TSJENG)

"Perusing produce at Broadway Market is something of a habitual occupation among a section of the populace, but Ridley Road Market’s British African-Caribbean flavour and carnivalesque scope lends it a markedly different vibe.
This market, which began life in 1880, evidently fascinates artist Lorenzo VITTURI, who unites sculpture and photography in his series 'A Dalston Anatomy'.
There is an atmosphere of constant raucous industriousness in Ridley Road, and VITTURI’s artworks are comprised of and inspired by items like coconuts and pig’s trotters that he has salvaged from this ever busy street like artefacts from an admired civilisation.

VITTURI says he is interested in ideas about how socialising in a space can radically transform it. 'Crowds have their own identity,' he says. 'The market is a unique place where you can get to understand the people of Hackney. Everyone together in this place makes it feel special.'
One really has to experience the anatomical installations of these market finds to get a sense – and a scent – of what Lorenzo is intimating here.
'I went to the butcher stall and found parts of animals that were never used here but are common in Pakistan,' he says. 'I rearranged their form and created something beautiful.' - 'I started to show the book to the people in the market and they put the abstract pictures up around their stalls. They liked them.' (Lorenzo VITTURI)

Lyrically accompanying the collection will be slam poet, Sam BERKSON, known for his successful first book 'Life in Transit', who went to talk to people in the market as part of his research. 'It’s easy to get into conversation with these people, that’s what’s beautiful about it,' says BERKSON. 'The photography’s more abstract and the words are more documentary, picking up on the rhythms and the life of the market.'
This is Ridley Road deconstructed, reconstructed, packed full of colour and spice. It is a celebration of curiosity." (Tilly STASIUK)

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