Takuma Nakahira

Toshi fuukei zukan (City Landscapes Photo Book). Magazine Work 1964-1982 - ONLY TWO COPIES IN STOCK!

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"This heavy and thick volume collects Takuma Nakahira's major series published in Japanese photography magazines Provoke, Photo Art, Asahi Camera, and Design, from 1964 to 1982. Like Daido Moriyama's magazine work contained in Nippon Gekijou 1965-1970 and Nani ka e no tabi 1971-1974, this essential volume published by Getsuyosha provides the perfect context for a better understanding of the golden age of Japanese photography." (photobookcorner)

"A comprehensive retrospective of Takuma Nakahira's magazine work. Nakahira is considered a cult figure in Japanese photography, one of the founder's of the Provoke movement alongside Moriyama and Tomatsu. Known as much for his critical writing his photography is very much a manifestation of his theory. He was given extraordinary freedom to produce highly personalized essays for a range of magazines in the 60s and 70s without journalistic constraints." (dashwood)