Raise the bar

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"ONORATO & KREBS came of notice in the photobook world in 2009 when Patrick Frey published their mind bending 'road trip' book, so called 'The Great Unreal.'
Using traditional film material in very unorthodox ways, they twisted the 'reality' of the American landscape into their own rich fabrications.
A recent series made in Berlin between 2009 and 2012 called 'Building Berlin / Constructions' has just been published in a book called 'Raise the Bar'. Shot using an 8X10 inch view camera,

ONORATO & KREBS again skew our perceptions by constructing outlines and frames of buildings in Berlin using 2×4’s and scrap wood that sit in the foreground but that link with the scene far in the distance. A relatively laborious act of Trompe-l’œil aimed at teasing out how photographs represent the three-dimensional world.
Along with the photographic series, ONORATO & KREBS made a five-minute black and white film called 'Blockbuster' (2012) which is represented by several stills in Raise the Bar. In the film, a man standing on a ladder is perceived to be hammering on buildings and construction cranes.

'Raise the Bar' is a nod to both construction and achieving a level of engaging images and this book does both in a relatively short span of just 36 pages." (Jeffrey LADD, in: http://www.hatjecantz.de/fotoblog/?p=776)